Goals and Objectives

  • Improve the Condition of the Commonwealth's Bridges
    • Reduce the number of Structurally Deficient Bridges.
    • Improve the overall Bridge Health Index of Massachusetts Bridges.
  • Stimulate Economic Development and Job Creation
    • The Accelerated Bridge Program will create thousands of jobs across the Commonwealth.
  • Save Money By Completing Projects Sooner
    • Repair bridges now before further costly deterioration can occur.
    • Hedge against construction cost inflation.
  • Complete Projects Efficiently and Innovatively
    • Complete projects on-time and on-budget.
    • Complete projects with minimum disruption to people and commerce.
    • Use Design-Build and other innovative contracting techniques.
    • Focus on preservation and other strategies to improve the long-term condition of all Massachusetts bridges.
  • Access and Opportunity
    • To ensure access and opportunity on the part of women and minority individuals and businesses by establishing specific goals for each aspect of the program.
    • WBE/MBE Overall 14% utilization goal with a 10% race conscious goal and a 4% race neutral goal;
    • Women: contractor labor participation goal of 6.9%; and
    • Minorities: contractor labor participation goal of 15.3%
    • Women workforce participation goal of 24% in technical positions and 47.40% in non-technical positions; and
    • Minority workforce participation goal of 10.48% in technical positions and 19.40% in non-technical positions
  • Transparency and Accountability
    • Provide frequent and detailed reports to the public on the progress of the ABP.
    • Develop overall project controls to ensure adherence to project schedules and budgets.
    • Measure agency performance in streamlining design and construction schedules.

In the Spotlight

Active Project List [PDF - 231KB]

ABP Update
Through April 1, 2014 the MassDOT Accelerated Bridge Program has advertised 191 construction contracts with a combined construction budget valued at $2.26 Billion.
Of these 191 advertised construction contracts:
  • 152 have already, or will, repair/replace over 270 bridges throughout the Commonwealth.
  • 39 are maintenance/preservation projects which perform work to improve the safety of many additional bridges throughout the Commonwealth.
  • 187 have been awarded to a contractor.
  • 155 have been declared complete by MassDOT (or DCR) with two additional contracts terminated and the remaining scope transferred to other contracts.
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