About Bridge Projects

Types of Bridge Work
Bridges of different condition levels require different types of repairs. The following are a number of types of work that will be completed through the Accelerated Bridge Program.
Bridge Repairs and Maintenance
Bridges constantly undergo maintenance work to ensure bridges remain in sound condition. Maintenance activities include washing (to ensure debris and other materials do not contribute to the corrosion of the steel and concrete elements of the structure), cleaning and painting of structural steel, lubrication of bearings, cleaning of debris, sealing joints, and asphalt repairs contribute to the health and love of service of a bridge.
Bridge Preservation
Bridge preservation projects address minor structural issues noted during bridge inspections before problems become costly. Preservation work requires little if any design and engineering work.
Minor Bridge Rehabilitation and Betterments
Minor bridge rehabilitation and betterment projects address bridges that are generally in good condition but have limited deterioration making a bridge structurally deficient. Typically, limited rehabilitation or betterment projects repair deterioration allowing a bridge to move out of structural deficient status. Work may include deck replacement, safety upgrades, and increases to carrying capacity.
Major Bridge Rehabilitation
Major bridge rehabilitation projects address components of bridges which have deteriorated significantly. Rehabilitation involves replacement of major bridge elements such as superstructure, along with upgrades to meet modern bridge codes.
Bridge Replacement
Bridge replacement is required when deterioration of a bridge is so significant that the structure has reached the end of its service life. This is chosen when rehabilitation of individual bridge components is more costly than complete bridge replacements.

In the Spotlight

Active Project List [PDF - 231KB]

ABP Update
Through April 1, 2014 the MassDOT Accelerated Bridge Program has advertised 191 construction contracts with a combined construction budget valued at $2.26 Billion.
Of these 191 advertised construction contracts:
  • 152 have already, or will, repair/replace over 270 bridges throughout the Commonwealth.
  • 39 are maintenance/preservation projects which perform work to improve the safety of many additional bridges throughout the Commonwealth.
  • 187 have been awarded to a contractor.
  • 155 have been declared complete by MassDOT (or DCR) with two additional contracts terminated and the remaining scope transferred to other contracts.
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