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CSX Rail
CSX Rail Agreement Lt. Governor Murray announces historic agreement with CSX to enhance passenger and freight rail and open land in Allston for redevelopment.
MBTA New Maps
MBTA Maps MBTA Debuts Customer Friendly Maps with Bus Route-Subway Station Connections
EOT Developers Conference & Challenge
Saturday, November 14th, 11am-4pm
MIT Tang Center (Building E51)
70 Memorial Drive,
Cambridge, MA

Challenge: Two Data Developers will win a yearís Charlie Card pass!
Environmental Justice Mural In the Lobby
ACE Mural Secretary Aloisi, youth from Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) unveiled a mural to commemorate the organizationís 15th anniversary. ACE is committed to achieving environmental justice in lower income communities and communities of color through community organizing, education, advocacy and legal strategies.

The Road to Reform

MassDOT: The Vision

In one month, the vision of one unified transportation organization becomes reality as the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, MassDOT, sees its first day on November 1, 2009. On that day the majority of the state's transportation employees will work together for one streamlined transportation organization with four new divisions.

This historic reform effort is the result of strong collaboration between the Administration and the Legislature. Since Governor Patrick signed the historic, sweeping legislation creating MassDOT on June 26, literally hundreds of transportation employees have rolled up their sleeves and done the hard work over countless hours to ensure a successful transition. From basic operational issues such as e-mail access to the most complex financial and employee requirements, we want to offer our sincere thanks for those efforts. We pledge to continue the work together in the coming weeks to lead and support this integration initiative.

We are pleased to announce the next tangible, visible steps forward. As required by the reform law signed in June, we have submitted to the Governor and legislature a 90-day report summarizing the status of the transition from our current structure to the new MassDOT. This report represents a comprehensive summary of where we are today and our plans to continue implementation through November 1 and beyond. We encourage you to read the report posted on our Transnet web page and see the great progress already made in the past three months.

In that 90-day report, you will find words I hope you agree will help guide us in our future work. They are the words of our vision, mission, and goals for MassDOT.

We see a vision of a unified organization that strengthens our communities and moves people and goods safely throughout the Commonwealth.

We offer a mission fundamental to our future - to deliver safe and efficient transportation services through innovation and respect with customer service and public safety top priorities.

And we have three clear goals - to restore public trust by creating an open and responsive organization; to encourage a culture of innovation and accountability; and to leverage projects that spark economic development and support livable communities, balancing the needs of all transportation users.


James Aloisi, Jr.
Secretary, Executive Office of Transportation

Jeffrey Mullan
Incoming Secretary & CEO, MassDOT

MAC on the Move

The Patrick Administration announced the relocation of the new Division of Aeronautics, Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) headquarters to the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) offices at Logan Airport.

As part of the transportation reform bill signed by the Governor in June, the Division of Aeronautics replaces the current Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission (MAC) effective November 1.

MAC Executive Director Christopher Willenborg, far left, joined members of the Aeronautics staff at their new Massport headquarters.

The Aeronautics Division has jurisdiction over the Commonwealth's public use airports, private use landing areas, and seaplane bases. It certifies airports and heliports, licenses airport managers, conducts annual airport inspections, and enforces safety and security regulations.

The Aeronautics Commission to be abolished and replaced by the MassDOT Division of Aeronautics is celebrating its 70th and final year of existence in 2009.

Willenborg says that "even as we begin a new and exciting chapter in Massachusetts aviation, we take a moment to honor the dozens of men and women who served the Commission since its first meeting was held on September 11, 1939. The new MassDOT Division of Aeronautics will maintain the same regulatory responsibilities and continue to fulfill MAC's mission- to promote aviation while establishing and maintaining a safe, efficient airport system to meet the current and future air transportation and economic needs of the Commonwealth."

ONE MassDOT: Operations Control Center

In support of the goal of creating one transportation organization, on September 18, 2009, the MTA Operations Control Center and the MHD Traffic Control Center were co-located within a single facility. Tobin Bridge traffic cameras were also redistributed to the combined facility in South Boston. From this single location, operators of the stateís bridges, tunnels and surface roadway systems can now share images and information and communicate directly regarding incidents that may impact different operations.

The communications link between the Tobin Bridge and the new Highway Operations Control Center required the installation of cable linking the two assets to include a video and data link to provide operational efficiencies in the categories of roadway safety, security, and event response. It will also allow for an anticipated financial and administrative data stream from the Tobin Bridge to the new organization.

All of the work was accomplished by in-house electrical, communications and operations personnel from the MTA, MHD, and MPA working closely to plan and execute the move. Operators can monitor several major state highways and facilities and detect and report incidents with more than 630 cameras. Sophisticated electronic systems manage and respond to more than 50,000 annual traffic and facility events.

The new combined Operations Control Center is staffed 24 hours a day to monitor traffic and provide quick incident response.

MassDOT Quick Fact

The new MassDOT will have:

  • 133 Maintenance Depots
  • 39 Bridge Inspections Teams
  • 40 Water Pump Stations