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Silver Line Direct Connect
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Transportation Secretary James A. Aloisi, Jr. and Mayor Thomas M. Menino officially launched the addition of a new Silver Line route between Dudley Station and South Station to improve bus transportation service along the Silver Line Washington Street corridor.
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MBTA Commuter Rail Employees Honored
MBTA Commuter Rail Employees Honored

Transportation Secretary and MBTA Board Chair James Aloisi, Jr. and Board members offered special honors during the October 8 final meeting of the MBTA Board to four outstanding commuter rail employees for actions that ensured the safety of hundreds of customers.
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RMV Renewal Reminders
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The Registry of Motor Vehicles is reinstating courtesy notices for driver's license and ID renewals, thanks to an innovative reform- a public-private partnership at no cost to taxpayers.
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Saturday, November 14th, 11am-4pm
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The Road to Reform

Transition Teamwork

Incoming MassDOT Secretary & CEO Jeffrey Mullan in testimony on October 8 before the Legislature's Joint Committee on Transportation promised a MassDOT that offers a simple, business-like approach to transportation in order to rebuild the public's confidence.

"They should expect that we pursue excellence and will strive to become the best transportation organization in the nation," said Mullan.

Mullan also emphasized to legislators the ongoing transition-to-MassDOT efforts undertaken in the past few months. At least 90 employee subcommittees representing more than 300 employees have shown top-notch teamwork on transition plans in areas such as operations and maintenance, finance and accounting, technology and customer service.

In the creation of the new MassDOT Highway Division, to include MassHighway, the Turnpike, and on January 1 the Tobin Bridge, Mullan offered a list of transition accomplishments already achieved or on track to be completed by November 1, including:

  • Beginning the integration of eight existing Turnpike depots and five MassHighway districts into new regions, each responsible for maintenance, construction, engineering, and traffic management in its area.
  • Successful integration of the MassHighway Traffic Operations Center and Turnpike Operations Control Center to share information on traffic incidents in all roads, bridges, and tunnels from a single location.
  • Development of a snow and ice plan for the upcoming winter season, including procedures for purchase authority for snow and ice removal materials.
  • First-ever statewide Roadwork Notification Form, a standardized way to alert the public and media of upcoming construction impacts.

As Mullan told legislators:

"Our integration teams, our working groups, our supervisors, technicians, engineers and the guys and gals in work gloves on our construction sites are what make this transition a success.

We must continue to encourage this work and foster collaborative engagements within the new MassDOT to make the users of this system feel that they are once again a part of it."

Read Jeff's testimony and learn more at the MassDOT Information Center webpage.

Moving Together: Healthy Transportation Compact

The Healthy Transportation Compact is a key requirement of the transportation reform law.

It requires the Secretary of Transportation and Secretary of Health and Human Services to "work cooperatively to adopt best practices to increase efficiency to achieve positive health outcomes through the coordination of land use, transportation, and public health policy."

The goals include expanding mobility, improving public health, supporting a cleaner environment, and creating stronger communities.

As part of the Compact, MassDOT will establish a Healthy Transportation Advisory Group comprised of advocates and leaders in the field of land use, transportation and public health policy.

We have already begun to form partnerships with advocates and public health professionals and view this as an exciting opportunity to continue strengthening our commitment to public health and increased access for bicyclists and pedestrians. Learn more about the Compact.

Moving Together: Bicycle, Pedestrian Priorities

A strong commitment to pedestrian and bicycle transportation is a key part of the transportation vision of the new MassDOT and articulated in the youMove Massachusetts civic engagement initiative.

Walking and bicycling move people out of single-occupant vehicles, reduce traffic congestion, and promote healthy lifestyles and a cleaner environment.

In the months ahead, MassDOT will strengthen this commitment through better coordination of bicycle and pedestrian projects, investments in pedestrian and bicycle safety, implementing the healthy transportation compact, and making a priority of expanding the pedestrian and bicycle facilities network statewide. The bicycle-pedestrian overview is available on the web.

MassDOT: Civil Rights Leadership

The new MassDOT's Office of Civil Rights has reaffirmed its priorities, including:

  • Provide Civil Rights leadership, guidance and support across all MassDOT operations.
  • Establish state of the art practices, policies and procedures to ensure diversity, equity and respect in the workplace and toward the public
  • Make MassDOT a respected and desired place to work, do business or be a customer
  • Achieve equitable participation and building capacity among disadvantaged, minority and women owned business enterprises in MassDOT's construction, design and goods and services procurement activities.

MassDOT Quick Fact

The MassDOT RMV Division:

  • Licenses 4.7 million drivers
  • Registers 5.9 million vehicles
  • Recycles 90 million tons of license plate aluminum each year